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Ecstasy Claimed (The Guardians of the Realms Book 2)

by Setta Jay
"Their romance was sizzling hot and the tense action kept me reading until the wee hours of the night." - Reading in Pajamas "I would recommend to those that like books similar to BDB, Dark Hunters" - Paranormal Romance Junkies As a powerful Guardian, Gregoire has spent centuries fighting for the safety and security of all the Realms. His existence was one long bloody battle until his mate was born. For over two decades since her birth, he’s watched over her, protecting his innocent mate from the dangers of his world. Ensuring she has time to grow before he claims her. Alyssa has done everything her family has expected of her, until the day she learns she has a mate. A mate who kept their bond a secret. Having always been treated as weak and inferior by her own kind, she feels the full brunt of his rejection. Angry and hurt at being left in the dark, innocent and unclaimed, she decides it’s time to assert her independence. Can Alyssa maintain her sense of self while surrendering to Gregoire's savage passion? Or will his enemies intervene and destroy their chance at an eternal bond?
Deal Available through January 29, 2022

Evelyn's Beau - The Ladies of Harrington House Prequel

by A.M. Westerling
After a disappointing Season, Lady Evelyn Kendall retreats to Kendall Hall in Cornwall. Her immediate future does not include a husband, although a renewed acquaintance with long-time family friend Oliver Harrington shows promise. When a local vicar offers her an opportunity to organize a Christmas pageant for disadvantaged children, Evelyn accepts, never thinking it would lead to disaster for both her and Oliver. Lord Oliver Harrington has long harbored feelings for Evelyn but dealing with an ailing father and a faltering estate leaves him little time to pursue his intention of seeking her hand in marriage. However, his plans to improve the family fortunes are disrupted when a thief strikes the Harrington holdings. When Evelyn realizes who the thief is, will Oliver blame her?
Deal Available through January 29, 2022

The Next Best Thing: Deluxe Edition

by Deidre Berry
No drama, no problems - that’s Tori Carter’s idea of the good life. Her tendency to plan everything to the max has made her the most successful event coordinator in the business and the number one problem-solver for her family and friends. But, Tori’s organized world is turned upside down when her seemingly perfect fiance runs off with another woman, leaving her without a plan B-through-Z.... or any idea what to do next. Now, while struggling to adjust to a new normal, Tori has to improvise, let loose, and consider opening her heart again, if she’s going to receive the level of happiness she truly deserves....
Deal Available through February 28, 2022

Night Born

by Godiva Glenn
A stubborn wolf. An antiquated betrothal. Some rules are made to be broken. Kyra Brada would be the epitome of lupine royalty... if she were able to shift. Countless times she stood beneath a full moon and waited for a transformation that never came. But time is running out, if she can't find a way to summon her wolf soon, she'll be banished from the pack and forced to leave the love of her life, Mikos, behind. While Kyra strives to take her place as his mate, she fears her feelings are unrequited. Then a near-fatal attack leaves Kyra clinging to life, and she's forced to reevaluate her priorities. After dutifully following the ways of the pack, is it time for Kyra to plant the flag of rebellion and rise up in the fight of her life?
Deal Available through January 28, 2022
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