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Contemporary Romance

40 and (Tired of) Faking It

by Ella Sheridan
Lily’s fortieth birthday reminds her of all she’s still lacking in life. JD has come home to turn family property into a high-end resort. He’ll need Lily’s help, but he didn’t count on wanting something far more personal than politics.
Deal Available through 2024-06-28

Goldie and the Big Bad Werewolf

by Candice O'Meara
I'm Goldie, your typical twenty-something, drowning in debt and boredom—until a detour through the Enchanted Grove changes everything. On my way to Grandma’s with a basket of goodies, I stumble upon a storybook cottage and meet Fenris, a brooding, irresistibly dreamy werewolf.Suddenly, my mundane life is flipped upside down. Fenris’s intense green eyes and hidden vulnerability pull me in, but our fairy tale is far from simple. While he battles his inner wolf, I’m tasked with saving our world by returning the Source Stone before the Enchanted Grove collapses.And just to complicate things, there's Red-Scarlett Hood, a huntress with a grudge, hot on our trail. Fenris wants me, Red-Scarlett wants him, and I just want to save the realm without falling in love.
Deal Available through 2024-06-23

The Billionaire Client

by Kindra Cress
The new client at Paige’s law office… is the guy she shared that one-night stand withPaige hasn’t been able to get Angelo off her mind since their night of pulse-pounding passion. To complicate matters, he’s the new client for her Law Office… and her boss put her in charge of his case.A case of a very… sensitive nature.Paige needs to keep her job and acting on her feelings for Angelo might get her canned. Keeping her hands off him, though, might prove impossible. In an epic battle of head vs. heart, she must choose between the job she’s worked so hard to get and keep and the man she can’t stop thinking about. What’s a girl to do?
Deal Available through 2024-06-25
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