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CraveRomance is a promotional service for romance authors and publishers looking for new audiences. We serve a growing readership that is hungry for free and discounted romance eBooks and audiobooks.
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Whether you're wide or have an exclusive deal, CraveRomance has you covered by offering many store links and book formats.

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With a core list size of 8,000 that's growing every day, your book gets in front of new potential fans with each promotion.

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Our promotional plans start at just $5, making your romance book the star of the show without breaking your marketing budget.
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  • Let me stress this is THE REAL DEAL. As REAL as you can possibly get! This service delivers in spades. Others may talk about promoting a book but you WILL get RESULTS. It skyrocketed my book from obscurity to 125 downloads. If there were six stars I'd give them!
  • Not only performed an excellent job but helped me understand a complicated process. Top notch!
  • This was a great experience for me and for my book results. I'm looking forward to ordering again soon! :)
  • One of the first things I do when I wake up every morning is check sales numbers on my books. I saw definite bump this morning, and was wondering where they came from. Then, I got the reminder about this ad placement, and I was like, "That's it!" So it definitely worked for me. Highly recommend.
  • Promoted free book and saw some great sell thru. Trying to get my series out there and get new readers. It worked for me. Thanks again.
    Emma Ashe

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