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Today’s Deals

Today's Romance Deals

  • Wicked Nights by Reana Malori

    Six tantalizing stories for your reading pleasure. Come on a journey filled with steamy encounters, insta-love, alpha males, and sexy seduction. These short tales will hit the right spot and give you some wicked ideas. Read them all at once or one story each day. Perfect for a quick lunchtime read. Need You Tonight - paranormal tale of undeniable attraction, fierce desire, and intense need. Night in Heaven - a night of unbridled passion in the Big Easy becomes something more. Change of Heart - two people want each other more than words can say, but one has a secret Taylor's Gift - has their relationship run its course, or is this just the beginning? Shadow Mates - when the need to claim his mate hits, no one can keep him away. Not even her. Praline Dreams - years ago, he'd been a fool to let her go. Now that they're both adults, he won't miss his chance again.

    Deal available through May 29

    Category: Multicultural

  • Eight Lives: Match Made in Hell #1 by Autumn Breeze & Ashley Chamblee

    Two Hearts. One Curse. Zero Time. A century ago a spiteful witch cursed Edmund. Ever since, he has lived as an immortal house cat--short one life. Anselm is a mildly depressed vampire with a soft spot for the feline he calls friend. They live together as equals, companions for eternity--or so they hope. Then, the witch who cursed Edmund long ago dies. And suddenly, he is human again. In a race against times cruel hand, Anselm and Edmund must make a decision. Do they find a dark witch and reenact the curse that plagued Edmund so they can be together for eternity? Or . . . does Edmund give up forever as a cat to be with Anselm for now as a man?

    $4.99 $2.99
    Deal available through Jun 01

    Category: LGBT

  • Who's a Good Boy? by Ada Scott

    Jeff I left town with nothing but the shirt on my back and my dog at my side. Leave or die, and ruin the lives of everybody I cared about at the same time. There was no choice. Now I'm back. I need to find out how Hazel could have done that to us. I'll get my answers and make her dig her nails into my back one last time. Then I'm gone.

    $4.99 $0.99
    Deal available through May 25

    Category: Contemporary

  • Nanny for the Billionaire by Jenna Brandt

    Roger Boswell is a newly reformed playboy. It's hard enough to change his life for himself, but suddenly his world is turned upside down when his secret son is literally left on his doorstep. He has no idea how to take care of a four year old child so he turns to a friend of a friend for help. Celeste Allen knows exactly who Roger Boswell is because he nearly destroyed her best friend's relationship. Yet, in the past few months, she's seen him change for the better, so when he asks for her help to find a nanny, she agrees. When no one fits the bill, Roger asks Celeste to fill in temporarily. As the trio start to form a life together, friendship blossoms into something more, but it could be ruined before it has a chance to fully bloom. Can Roger find a way to be the man they all need? Will Celeste decide that being with Roger and his son is what she really wants? And what will happen when the mother of Roger's son returns?

    $2.99 $0.99
    Deal available through May 24

    Category: Clean & Wholesome

  • The Vogt House (The Decadence Series Book 1) by Quinn Slater

    The Vogt House is looking for a new owner. Someone rich. Someone willing to explore and expand its fairytale existence in the town of Decadence.Cy Hall, the newest Powerball winner, a man with wicked dreams, and the money to make all his dreams come true takes a liking to Vogt House. But Vogt House has its own plans for Cy, plans that take him into the fairytales of his youth. Plans that include most of the people in his life. And a plan to turn him into a creature of the night.In Vogt House dreams, fairytales and nightmares do come true

    Deal available through May 24

    Category: Paranormal

  • The Penthouse Secrets: A NYC Billionaire Romance Series Box Set by Amanda Horton

    Billionaire's romance best in Penthouses! The Penthouse Secrets is a New York City, Billionaire Romance Series! This 4 books series features the hottest NYC billionaire’s, a never before experienced billionaire lifestyle, and some panty melting romance.

    Deal available through May 24

    Category: Billionaire

  • Team Mom by Cassidy Storm

    Bridget’s son is struggling to make the roster for the local minor-league baseball team. Kelsi, the team’s overworked trainer and assistant, has an idea. If Bridget would be willing to volunteer to help the Cougars, they just might be able to pull a few strings and get Jeremy a spot on the roster. Bridget eagerly agrees, signing the contract without a second thought and accepting the role. It’s a win-win scenario. She’ll be there to cheer on her son — not to mention the opportunity to flirt with a few young, sexy athletes. At thirty-seven, curvy Bridget still has it “going on,” although her online dating profile hasn’t seen much action lately. Opening Day arrives. As expected, the new Team Mom fields her share of ogles and innuendos. At one point, she even overhears a rather explicit conversation between two of the players, with her as the topic. Boys being boys. But then, there’s Jeff. Second baseman, team MVP… talented, confident… and sexy. He shows up at Bridget’s house soon after the game, and things quickly get hot and heavy. The next day, after another victory, Jeff shows up again for an even steamier encore in the Team Mom’s shower. Bridget — or “BJ,” as she’s now been nicknamed — is quickly realizing that her new “duties” consist of more than handing out Gatorade and tallying scorecards. As Team Mom, she’s also expected to maintain team morale — at all costs. Does BJ have what it takes to motivate the Cougars to the championship?

    $4.99 $2.99
    Deal available through May 24

    Category: Ménage

  • 10 Days by Adele Niles

    It was supposed to ten days. A temp job. In and out. Money for bills. Work for the experience. I was going to pad my resume and move on. Then the boss called me to his office. Dorian Cave, ex-pro athlete, and all alpha boss. Rock solid and rock hard. He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and turned this temp job into a dirty dream. This book contains an older, over the top alpha, a hot younger curvy girl with all the right moves, instalove and enough steam to make you run for an ice cold shower. If you like alpha bosses that take what they want in the workplace, see if you can last 10 minutes before running for cover. Buckle your seatbelt, because there are slippery curves ahead in this new series from Adele Niles that makes for a perfect sizzling hot steamy short read novella. 10 Days is Book 4 in the slippery curves series about sexy, curvy girls and the alpha men that love them. WARNING: This book contains a plot, character connection AND instalove with steamy scenes. Prepare to suspend your disbelief and enjoy a HEA with no cheating.

    $2.99 $0.99
    Deal available through May 25

    Category: Contemporary

  • The Billionaire Escape Plan by Ember Casey

    Most girls dream of marrying a billionaire. Me? I’d rather make fun of one. Especially if the billionaire in question is Alexander Grant. Excuse me—Xander Grant. That’s right—the mega-hot entrepreneur who seems to top every magazine’s “Rich Eligible Bachelors” list these days. To me, he’ll always be Alex—my childhood best friend. The guy who joined me on all sorts of wild teenage misadventures. The only person in our small town who understood me. It’s been four years since I’ve seen Alex. But suddenly he’s back in our town at the exact same time my life is imploding around me. We’ve both changed so much—I mean, the guy used to live in ripped jeans, and now he wears nothing but designer suits—but when I need it most, he offers me exactly the escape I need. A chance to run away from my life, if only for a few days. I only hope my heart is prepared.

    $3.99 $0.99
    Deal available through May 28

    Category: Romantic Comedy

  • Escape to Indigo Bay by Jeanette Lewis

    Love is always in the air when you visit Indigo Bay. Get swept away by the magic of this beachside small town. Grab a sweet tea from Caroline's Cafe and take a stroll to the Chocolate Emporium for a quick treat. Then warm your toes in the sand and indulge in a happily ever after—or four!

    Deal available through Jun 12

    Category: Clean & Wholesome

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