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Today's Romance Deals

  • Holding on to Forever by Siobhan Davis & S.B. Alexander

    Secretly dating Coach Parker’s daughter was never part of the plan. Neither was becoming her dealer… ADAM Returning to my drug-dealing past wasn’t on the agenda when I accepted the full ride to play ball at Cypress U. But Mom lost her job. And my sister’s medical bills are mounting. So, I’ve no choice but to change the playbook. When Emily walks into my life, like a fallen goddess with the ultimate power to destroy me, I know I’m screwed. I should steer clear, but I’m the one supplying her poison of choice. Falling for her is a complication I don’t need, but the more she’s around, the harder it gets to walk away. She needs me, and I crave her more than the sport I love. Now, it’s all on the line. Including the NFL career that’s tantalizingly close. The stakes are high, but family means everything, so I’ll take my chances. EMILY It’s only a problem if it’s out of control. And I have it in hand. Except a certain a-hole discovers I’m using again, and he threatens to rat me out to my folks. Mom’s president of Cypress U, and Dad’s the illustrious football coach. Appearances mean everything to them, and I’m a continuous disappointment. They told me I’d be out on my ass if I fell off the wagon, so keeping it a secret is my number one priority. Until the super-hot all-star QB takes more than a passing interest in me. Adam gets me, in a way no guy ever has, filling my head with ideas of forever—and now, I want more. Dating my dealer is a recipe for disaster, especially when it’s forbidden, but I can’t help myself. Because I’ve fallen too deep. And the hole is too large to crawl out of.

    $3.99 $2.99
    Deal available through Sep 30

    Category: Contemporary

  • Light Up My Life by Bella Winters

    A hot guy who’s a billionaire but also… a firefighter? Damn. Lance is a mystery. He’s the very definition of complicated. A playboy. Heir to the Dows fortune. But his inheritance is being held from him. Unless he finds a pretty little thing to… marry. Could I be that woman? Probably not. What if he offered me five million dollars to flash a wedding ring? Well, now we’re talking. The deal was for him to give me the money. Not his heart. And definitely not a baby. How the heck are we going to clean up this mess now?

    $3.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Sep 28

    Category: Contemporary

  • To Get Me To You by Kait Nolan

    Hallmark meets Heart of Dixie—This southern contemporary romance is a perfect small town read Just a city girl, living in a lonely world Displaced Steel Magnolia Norah Burke doesn't know the meaning of failure. But when she threatens to blow the whistle on some shady business practices at her Chicago marketing firm, she gets fired fast as all get out. Licking her wounds, she heads back below the Mason-Dixon for a little home-grown Southern comfort. Just a small town boy With his iron-clad Mississippi roots, Councilman Cam Crawford is a man who values tradition, preservation, and the love of a good dog. When a big box warehouse store tries to capitalize on his hometown's economic downturn, it seriously burns his biscuit. He's not about to let anyone's ambition destroy what he holds dear. A David vs. Goliath story with a side of grits. This unlikely pair just might be the perfect allies--in war and out. But as the battle to stop GrandGoods heats up and sparks of attraction turn to something more, will Norah's bigger-picture perspective go with Cam's 'keep it as it is' attitude? Are they meant to be like biscuits and gravy? Or are they just as wrong as un-sweet tea?

    $4.99 FREE!
    Deal available through Oct 04

    Category: Contemporary

  • Forbidden Lust (Books 4-6) by Bella Beaumont

    Now that my parents are back in town, Griffin and I have to sneak around to continue our taboo affair. But I’m willing to go to any length to feel his throbbing, juicy hardness. I’ve broken up with my hunky boyfriend because I felt guilty, and now I’m free to do all the scandalous things as I want, whether it’s in my college locker room, at a public beach, or at a friend’s pool. I’m so freaking horny all the time, and my raunchy lust knows no bounds! Luckily, neither does Griffin’s… This bundle contains the fourth, fifth, and sixth sizzling stories in the Forbidden Lust series: Controlled By Him, Humiliated By Him, and Trained By Him. It’s extra explicit and intended for adult readers only!

    $5.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Sep 21

    Category: Romantic Erotica

  • Make Me Yours: An Older Man, Younger Curvy Woman Romance Bundle by Mandy Morgan

    This Older Alpha and Younger BBW Romance Bundle contains 3 of Mandy Morgan's most popular sweet and steamy standalone romances... Book #1: Make Me Melt (An Alpha Firefighter and Curvy Girl Romance) What happens when a sheltered young woman meets the more experienced firefighter next door? First-time love that's hot enough to set her aflame and then melt her heart, of course! HOLLY When my father died, I was left with a broken heart, a stepmother who wanted nothing to do with me, and a check from his life insurance company. So, I figured why not take a chance and start a new life far from home? I was just getting settled in when I spotted the hunk across the street washing his truck and everything came to a screeching halt... HEATH I've put out plenty of fires, but I never really knew what a raging inferno was, not until I caught a glimpse of my new neighbor. She's everything I've ever wanted in a woman but was never able to find. Now I just have to do whatever it takes to make her all mine... Book #2: Make Me Buckle (An Alpha Cowboy and Curvy Girl Romance) What happens when a terrified young woman is rescued by a hunky older cowboy? A second chance at love that's deeper than the Grand Canyon, of course! Emma's sick of her boyfriend's lack of commitment and decides to start over fresh, thousands of miles away from everything she knows, and ends up in cowboy country, in the middle of a scary situation with a creepy bar manager. Luckily for Emma, she's rescued by a screaming hot cowboy named Clint, who offers her a job on his ranch, and before she knows it, the air is thick with desire around them, leaving her longing to be claimed by her handsome cowboy hero. But when Clint reveals his secret reason for not making a move on his cute and curvy new employee, Emma is shocked, and can't help wondering where things will go from here... Will Emma get a second chance at the powerful love that she's always craved? Book #3: Make Me Surrender (An Alpha Cop and Curvy Girl Romance) What happens when an abandoned young woman is rescued by a hunky older cop? A second chance at love that has her falling harder than his steel handcuffs, of course! MORGAN After my abusive ex-boyfriend threw me out into the streets, I didn't know what to do or where to go, since I'd moved thousands of miles away from my family to be with him. Just when I was about to give up all hope, the hottest cop I'd ever seen pulled up beside me, and offered me a helping hand. Now all I have to do is let go of my painful past and take it... MATT I was at the end of a long, hard day of patrolling the streets when I spotted the curvy cutie crying on the side of the street, and found myself wanting nothing more than to pull her into my arms. I've had a lot of women, but I've never wanted any of them as much as I wanted her. Now, all I have to do is get her to surrender to my protection, and make her all mine... Love steamy romances about an older man and a younger curvy woman? These 3 books are for you! Go ahead and grab a glass of wine, get comfy, and let the Happily Ever After begin.

    $2.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Sep 27

    Category: Contemporary

  • The Autumn Duke by Jillian Eaton

    Lady Katherine “Kitty” Dower loves fun, fashion, and flirting with the dozens of suitors fighting over her hand. As the beautiful daughter of a marquess she’s accustomed to always getting what she wants. And what she wants is the strikingly handsome Duke of Wakefield. He checks every single box on her list for the perfect husband and his breath doesn’t smell. What more could a lady ask for? Unfortunately for Kitty, the duke has absolutely no interest in getting married. Suffering from a tragic past that has left him scarred both emotionally and physically, Byron has closed his heart off to everything and everyone. But Kitty has never backed down from a challenge before, and she’s not about to start now. One fiery kiss will prove to be a duke’s undoing…but can he overcome his demons to give Kitty the love she deserves?

    $1.49 $0.99
    Deal available through Sep 25

    Category: Regency

  • Access: An Alex Drake Novel (The Alex Drake Series Book 1) by Lexxi James

    An abrupt encounter. Undeniable attraction. A mysterious connection to a man she doesn’t know. Young and ambitious Madison Taylor is attracted to every bit of her billionaire CEO—except his money. He knows things about her. Things nobody could know. She feels connected to him, but why? Desperate to bury the past, wealthy workaholic Alex Drake prefers his women fly-by-night and his relationships at arm’s length. But the name Madison Taylor reignites an obsession. Is it her?

    $7.95 $0.99
    Deal available through Sep 19(Price may have changed)

    Category: Mystery & Suspense

  • Picture Perfect by Annie J. Rose

    I made a sexy mistake a decade ago… And I won’t regret repeating it! I shouldn’t have left her behind in my hometown. Now every part of me wants to touch her… to own her. I need to make her mine again. Being a successful sports photographer has its perks. But I’d never been rejected by a woman. Much less the only woman I obsess over. I know I’m playing with fire. Eventually, it’s time for me to leave town again. But this time I’m not leaving without her. …And her little secret that won’t stay little for long.

    $2.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Sep 18(Price may have changed)

    Category: Holidays

  • Compelled: The Warlock's Seduction by Leia Hunter

    A talented young witch with an eye on following in her father’s magical footsteps, Cara’s looking for a magical internship before her senior year of college at Belwith University. When she lands on the wrong side of coven politics, she gets turned down by the Lady Montague. With timing so perfect it can’t be real, Damien Gregory, the wealthy, ambitious warlock from her own coven, steps in with an offer, to be his intern instead. With her dad’s job on the line, and medical bills piling up from her mother’s illness, Cara agrees. What she doesn’t know, is that Damien has plans for her beyond just the sex he’s demanding, and she’s even more powerful already than he suspected. But first, they need to rid Cara of her warlock ex-boyfriend, and his illicit, malevolent magic. Damien can protect her from the threats of the boy who promises to destroy her if she won’t be his… Then Cara will be free to follow her heart and her lust, straight to the only man she’s ever truly desired.

    Deal available through Sep 16(Price may have changed)

    Category: Contemporary

  • All The Curves by Sara Hazel

    On sale for .99! A collection of the first 3 short stories in Sara Hazel's ALPHAS LOVE CURVES series! High Heat BBW Romance you’re gonna love. SUPERNOVA: An Older Alpha Man Younger BBW Friends to Lovers Romance COME FOR ME: An Older Alpha Man Younger BBW Billionaire Romance LAST ROMANCE: An Older Alpha Man Younger BBW Rock Star Second Chance Romance

    $2.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Sep 30

    Category: Romantic Erotica

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