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  • A Dangerous Invitation by Erica Monroe

    Scoundrels, thieves and rebels inhabit the rookeries--where dangerous men fall in love with fierce women. SHE'S GIVEN UP ON LOVE, AND WANTS ONLY INDEPENDENCE... Torn from her life of privilege by her father's death, Kate Morgan survives in London's dark and depraved rookeries as a fence for stolen goods. The last man she ever expects, or wants, to be reunited with is her first love, who promised to cherish, honor and protect her, and instead fled amidst accusations of murder. HE'S THE REFORMED RAKE DETERMINED TO WIN HER BACK. One drunken night cost Daniel O'Reilly the woman he loved. If he ever wants to reclaim Kate--and his old life--he'll not only have to prove he's innocent of murder, but convince the pistol-wielding hellion that he's no longer the scoundrel he once was. Together, they'll have to face a killer. Time is running out... ---------------------- *2014 Daphne du Maurier Excellence in Romantic Suspense Finalist in Published Historical Romance* Note: A Dangerous Invitation is a dark, gritty, and steamy (on page sex scenes) romantic suspense about the working class of pre-Victorian England, taking place in the London underworld. It is a full-length standalone historical romance, and is book one in the Rookery Rogues series.

    $4.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Jan 21

    Category: Historical

  • The Witching Hour Box Set: The Complete Collection (Books 1-5) by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

    An irresistible billionaire dhampir who doesn’t take no for an answer--check. An innocent half elf with explosive magic--check. A placement agency for paranormals--check. Vampires and elves don’t mix, but Julia and Nathaniel cannot stay away from each other-- danger is lurking nearby, and it seems Julia is always in the thick of it. She's determined to do whatever it takes to protect her family, but will she need to protect her heart from the half vampire who has his sights set on her? Fans of Charlaine Harris will devour this sexy and spellbounding box set filled with enigmatic characters, dark magic and vicious villains

    $9.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Jan 19

    Category: Paranormal

  • His Secret Baby by Natasha L. Black

    It’s a simple arrangement. He needs a green card. I need a scandal. The wedding was strictly for show. I’m used to pretending all kinds of things. I’m an A-list Hollywood actress, after all. And Gael? He’s a lead stuntman on set. Big biceps, piercing eyes, and an arrogant tone. I’d be crazy to fall in love with him. I only need Gael to salvage my reputation. To divert people’s attention from my recent fake breakup. Trading one fake lover for another seemed like a good strategy. Don’t judge me. It’s a common practice in Hollywood. Saying 'I do' was the easy part. Saying 'goodbye' will be the real test.

    $3.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Jan 21

    Category: Contemporary

  • Cowboy's Love Forever by Sara Hazel

    An older man younger curvy woman contemporary cowboy romance. A stand-alone tale of finding love at Lone Wolf Ranch. Michael: I wasn’t prepared to fall in love today. But there she is – my best friend’s daughter. I haven’t seen Skylar in a few years, and now when I look at her— Everything has changed. I know some might say I should stay away, but I must make this beautiful woman my bride or I’ll live without love forever. She’s the one for me and there can be no others. Skylar: I’ve always had a crush on Michael – a handsome older cowboy. But that’s all it was supposed to be— just a thing that would pass in time. Only now when I look at him I see my destiny instead. Can I really fall for this forbidden cowboy? Should I let myself be loved by him? A few things are certain: Cowboys appreciate natural beauty. Cowboys fall hard. Cowboys love forever.

    $2.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Jan 31

    Category: Contemporary

  • High School Sweethearts by Tiana LeBeau

    The love of your life only comes once. Laura's family moves a lot. The most recent move has her learning Spanish, about new foods, and how to protect her heart from the handsome, nerdy tutor. She didn't mean to let his curls distract her. She tried not to let his infectious smile tug at her heart. She failed, but she wasn't going to tell him that. That kiss lingered in Matais's mind like it was the only thing that happened all year. It didn't appear to linger in her mind though. She ignored the fact it happened. He tried to. It kept bubbling beneath the surface every time he saw her until he couldn't wait any longer. His gushing confession was just one part of the changes ahead. Can this pair overcome the distance that threatens to separate them? In this sweet, multicultural romance our journey goes international. Find out how much fun it is when you pick up the new copy today!

    Deal available through Jan 19

    Category: Multicultural

  • Pretending He's Mine by Rachel John

    They're not supposed to get attached, but feelings don't follow rules... Lina James has been coaxing flirtation and small talk out of her gorgeous gym partner a little at a time, day by day. Which is why she’s shocked when shy and quiet Dillon up and asks her to pose as his girlfriend for Thanksgiving. According to Dillon, his family is pushy and a little crazy, and he’s hoping Lina can draw some attention away from their other Thanksgiving guest, the girl his brother hopes to marry. Challenge accepted. The more time they spend together, the more Dillon wishes he had just asked Lina out on a normal date, but they’re in so deep that it’s too late for that. His family is getting attached, and so is he. The only solution he can think of is to stage a break up and start over. Because Lina wants out, doesn't she? Lina doesn't want out. She wants in. Dillon's family might be loony, but they're also awesome. But what if the family you've always wanted isn't yours to keep?

    $2.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Jan 25

    Category: Clean & Wholesome

  • Fake Proposal Romance Series : Books 1-3 (Clean Romance) by Layla Holt

    Blossoming love that begins as a fake romance, and sizzling chemistry. Happy ever after. Check. What else could a reader want? A Billionaire Boss Proposal: No one expects happily ever after to begin with a fake proposal. Least of all Zeke. Billionaire Zeke would do anything for his beloved grandmother, including faking a romance just to make the holidays perfect for her. A Celebrity Proposal: He’s a celebrity nursing a broken heart. She’s a teacher living a secret life. Their paths should not have crossed. A Best Friend’s Proposal: He’s a single dad who’s sworn off women. But who better to act as his fake fiancée than his best friend?

    $6.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Jan 17(Price may have changed)

    Category: Clean & Wholesome

  • Allure by Sansa Rayne

    Inara has never felt the ethereal pleasure of a man’s allure, a manifestation of will that rewards submission. Casting aside the collar of her youth, she attends her long-awaited blossoming ceremony longing to partake in her overdue rite of womanhood. But when she experiences allure for the first time, the celebration spirals into a waking nightmare. Sensing a need to end his string of flings and take a wife, Sir Cassian sets his sights on the kind and beautiful Inara. A knight reputed for his skills in combat as much as his charm, he will do whatever he must to ensure Inara picks him as her suitor. When she flees her blossoming, inexplicably terrified, he seizes the opportunity to help her – and claim her. Unable to avoid the sinister effect allure has on her, Inara agrees to pose as Cassian’s new beau. At first hesitant to reveal the whole truth, she submits to his discipline, unleashing the bliss she’s always craved. However, divulging her dark discovery thrusts them into a conflict that will test their commitment to each other and their entire world. When Inara learns there may be a way for her not to suffer from allure, Cassian vows to find the answer. Yet their search draws the attention of those intent on stifling the truth, no matter who they have to kill. Pursued by zealous assassins, Inara must choose: hide who she is to protect her love, or fight to expose the secret of allure...

    $3.99 $2.99
    Deal available through Jan 19

    Category: Mystery & Suspense

  • Secret Acqusitions by Raleigh Davis

    When I stumble on a massive plot to spy on everyone's phones, I know two things: I'm in danger and I need a billionaire. Fast. Enter Mark Taylor, the hottest venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. And the guy I reluctantly turned down in college. I’m in his office and ready to beg… but he’s not the forgive-and-forget type.

    $2.99 FREE!
    Deal available through Jan 31

    Category: Contemporary

  • Almost Perfect by Claudia Burgoa

    USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa brings a delightful romantic comedy that's equal parts hilarious and sexy about friendship and learning how to fall in love. Olympic medalist and X-game sensation Alex Spearman thinks he’s perfect. He’s not. I know his kind. Rich, famous, and emotionally unavailable. Well...He’s perfect enough to hook up with on the weekend of his sister’s wedding. His sister is my best friend. This is a disaster in the making. Did I mention he’s also hot, sexy and funny? How can I resist? After a steamy weekend, I agree. We have chemistry. But it just won’t work out in the long run. He’s just a fond memory. That is...until he moves next door. When I’m in need, the almost perfect man offers to help. On a “friends-only” basis. “Just friends,” he said. Yeah, right. Suddenly, Alex is getting too close for comfort. Things are becoming heated … becoming too real for me. Is this the real deal or am I another medal to him?

    $4.99 $2.99
    Deal available through Jan 20

    Category: Romantic Comedy

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