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Today's Romance Deals

  • Boss Me Forever by Miley Maine

    Hot. Bossy. Complicated. This is how I describe my boss, Zach Cooper. I’m no one special to him. Just his secretary that he pays really well. (One of the reasons why I put up with him). Zach needed to loosen up. So I did what any good secretary would do. I seduced him. And then, things got even more complicated. We fell in love. Or at least I did. Zach has too many things to worry about. Things that our more important than me and my son. He needs to prove his innocence and save his business. Zach clearly has a war on his hands. And I’m worried that I might be one of the casualties.

    $3.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Apr 10

    Category: Contemporary

  • Just Be My Love by Valentina Turner

    Sometimes, Love Finds You Even If You Resist! Sandy has a thing against men. After all, she grew up with an abusive father and hasn't met a loving, caring man ever since. Her career is just as lackluster as her love life: she studied art but circumstances force her to work at her aunt's diner. But Seth says he’s madly in love with her and ready to pursue her until she becomes his... even if she resists. Does Seth really love her or does he just want a one-night stand with the cute waitress? Will Sandy fall in love with the handsome stranger or will she just reject him as a creep? Will she successfully resist her growing passion... or will she succumb? Read this book to discover what happened to Sandy and Seth! Just Be My Love by Valentina Turner is a holiday romance that will touch your heart even if you're a hardcore cynic. Here's what makes this book special: A fast-paced story so you won't be bored for a second Intense but realistic emotions that you'll easily relate to Charming characters that you'll absolutely love Carefully written, engaging dialogue A sudden plot twist at the every end If you're looking for a short read and a touching romantic story, Just Be My Love is the book you need right now. And when you've finished reading, you'll definitely long for a sequel! Will Sandy and Seth live happily ever after?

    $0.99 FREE!
    Deal available through Apr 06

    Category: Clean & Wholesome

  • Royal Fake by Sarah J. Brooks

    $10 million for being a fake-princess for one year. Done deal – I mean, what could possibly go wrong? After all, Liam is charming, gorgeous and gives me goosebumps when I see him. We can't keep our hands off each other - and now a little prince or princess is growing inside me! I guess now is not the best time to ask Liam to terminate the contract?

    $2.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Apr 17

    Category: Contemporary

  • The Boy Next Door by Natasha L. Black

    What in the world did I do deserve this? The boy next door doesn’t let me sleep. And not just because he's loud... Jayson is a rockstar. He’s as skilled as he is hot. I never thought I’d be attracted to an alpha jerk like him. But Jayson is all I ever think about. I mean, what choice do I have, really? We're next door neighbors for goodness sake. He’s always on my mind (and in my ears). And now… I’m carrying a piece of him. I’m carrying his baby. No, he can’t find out. And no, I’m not saying a word about it to him. Jayson and I are poles apart. Our lives couldn’t be more different. He should be on the road, leaving me behind. Leaving my secret behind. And me? I should start preparing to mend my heart. To raise a baby that will forever remind me of him.

    $3.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Apr 09

    Category: Contemporary

  • Love Again by Sylvester Murray

    Eight years after the death of his loving wife and mother of his child, Thomas has realised that all his wants have been filled except for the love of a woman. Desperate for another connection, and for his daughter to feel the love and acceptance only a mother could provide, he makes the perilous journey back onto the dating scene. But this world is nothing like he remembers, behind the beautiful dresses and kind words lie wolves in sheep’s clothing. As he works his way through the lies and double-talk, he tries to remain true to himself and his wife’s memory. Maybe the love he seeks isn’t in the ultra-affluent world that he is not a part of, but in the soft-spoken Maribel. A single-mother with an iron will who shuns the social traditions that plague her, she can offer him the happiness that he craves. Two lovers, worlds apart but compatible in every other way.

    $0.99 FREE!
    Deal available through Apr 03(Price may have changed)

    Category: African American

  • Teasing boss, Under her skin by Cara Hunt

    Multimillionaire Cameron Swank was at a point in his career when he knew he needed to hire an Assistant. His software company had skyrocketed and sales were coming in faster than what he could manage. Upon entering Cameron’s office Janelle exhibited a high amount of confidence and poise. From the way, she's dressed, and how she flawlessly answered his questions he found himself being captivated by her every word. As the interview ended, he found himself quickly buzzing his Secretary to stop Janelle and have her return so he could offer her the job. Janelle was not afraid of hard work and she excelled at every duty that Cameron assigned. It was clear that both found each other irresistible. The chemistry that was built around their work relationship threatened to bring pleasure into the office environment. Will they cross the lines and explore a taboo world where both will risk their heart and career? Or will they keep their feelings hidden and their hearts song unanswered?

    Deal available through Apr 19

    Category: Contemporary

  • The Winter Duke by Jillian Eaton

    Renowned throughout London for his long string of lovers, Justin Dearborn, Duke of Colebrook, isn’t looking for a wife. Having been spurned once, he has no intention of putting his heart on the line a second time. Until one passionate kiss with Lady Cadence leaves them both yearning for more…

    $1.49 FREE!
    Deal available through Apr 04

    Category: Historical

  • Kiss-Mate Shifters : Paranormal Romance Collection by Juniper Hart

    I hated him—even when I wanted him. For more than two hundred years, no one had ever infuriated me more than Harry Laurier, and he knows it. After moving to California, I was glad I would never have to see him again. As far as I was concerned, Harry could have his Alpha status—assuming his father actually relinquished his ancient hold over the leadership. All I’d wanted was to start anew. I wanted a fresh start, away from those who judged me so harshly. Why, then, does fate keep conspiring against me and throwing Harry in my path at every possible opportunity? I’m an Omega female all alone in the world with only one person who understands—an Alpha who isn’t even my friend and who can never know the secret I’m hiding.

    $8.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Apr 01(Price may have changed)

    Category: Paranormal

  • Dating the Irish Boss by Annie J. Rose

    Nearly five years ago I ran, And took a big secret with me. Now I’m back, begging Patrick for his help. I need him to save the son he never knew existed. When the truth of what I’ve done comes out, Will he turn away from me for good? Or worse yet, will he take our son and run Just like I did?

    $2.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Apr 08

    Category: Contemporary

  • District Shifters: Shifter Romance Collection by Lola Gabriel

    Four HOT shifter romances that will keep you begging for more. Brianna thought she escaped the cruel hands of a Matchmaker, but fate had other plans and an alpha wolf is the only one who can save her. Brianna Lake moved across the country after a Matchmaker almost ruined her life by attempting to turn her into an immortal shifter and selling her to the highest bidder. In a small town in Nebraska, Brianna is just starting to feel safe again when she finds herself pulled back into the world of the immortals. Her friend is killed with a silver bullet, and Brianna knows it means one thing: her friend was a shifter, and she thinks her secret is out. Her search for answers leads her to Archer, a hot wolf shifter whom Brianna is instantly drawn to. She holds back her secret from Archer—that she has the genetics to be turned into a shifter. However, in small towns, secrets can’t be kept for too long, and Brianna is snatched by a hunter. Only Archer can save her, but is he willing to risk his own life? Will Brianna and Archer save each other, or will she end up a victim of a Matchmaker after all?

    $8.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Mar 31(Price may have changed)

    Category: Paranormal

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