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Today's Romance Deals

  • On Fire by Patricia Sargeant

    A love this hot knows no rules ... A High-Stakes Lesson ... Charleston Times reporter Sharon MacCabe has worked hard to move from intern to full-fledged journalist. So when a series of arson fires across the city turns into a string of murders, she’s ready to investigate. But her excitement soon turns to disappointment when her boss gives the assignment to a senator’s nephew. Determined to prove herself, Sharon decides to probe the case on her own. But first she’ll have to gain the trust of Charleston’s new fire captain. ... In Love And Trust Matthew Payton has reason to be wary of reporters. As a firefighter in Pittsburgh, the press falsely accused him of arson in a blaze that killed his sister. Now he’s trying to bury that painful chapter and start over. When Sharon insists on collaborating, Matthew is suspicious yet also attracted to this lovely, tenacious young woman – and the feeling is mutual. As the two work closely together, Matthew finds his defenses breaking down, and his heart opening up. But their growing intimacy is about to be threatened when they discover they are pawns in a corrupt political game, one that may cost them their love – and their lives.

    $3.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Sep 02

    Category: African American

  • Jaded by Ali Parker

    Love is a Lie. As a photographer for the New York Post, Kari Martin was used to seeing heartache and scandal up close. But one night at the club… her whole world changed. Heartbroken and willing to call off her wedding, she decides a change is in order and moves from NYC to a small town in Maine, where the average age of the residents there is sixty (or thereabouts). She works to fit in perfectly, and tries like hell not to let anyone find out just how very jaded she’s recently become over the lie called love. Jake Isaac left Texas quite a few years ago; his heart torn from his chest, and his mind set on being a bachelor forever. Maine would welcome him, give him land to explore and a community to belong to. Getting a job as the coach of the local junior high and serving on the fire department kept him busy — and labeled him a hometown hero — but the truth of his damaged heart was forever hidden. No one would ever know just how jaded he was about love. That is… until he meets Kari.

    $2.99 FREE!
    Deal available through Sep 19

    Category: Contemporary

  • Stranded: A Reverse Harem Romance by Angel Summers

    I was their best friend's little sis. Now I'm all grown up - and they've taken notice. After a plane crash, we're left stranded on an island. But danger lurks in the lush green forest... And I'm left wondering if my fantasy will turn into a nightmare. Despite the fear of never being rescued, I can't help but be excited. I want them. All of them. And from the looks of it, they want me too. They're more than just my brother's best friends. They're the stars of my teenage dreams. And now, my four hot bosses. But this tropical oasis is filled with dangerous secrets. And I might not live to play out my greatest fantasy ever. Can we survive paradise and find our way home to true bliss?

    $2.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Aug 18(Price may have changed)

    Category: Contemporary

  • Her Independence Day: A Reverse Harem Romance by Victoria Belle

    Ashley is done playing by the rules. It's time for a walk on the wild side. She's going after what she's always wanted, and what she'd never admit to wanting. Forget what her mother and her ex have always said, she's going to be a painter. But that's not the only thing that's going to change now that she's home. All three Thomas boys are glad to throw off the shackles of 'stepbrother' since the nasty divorce between their parents. Even better, she's not engaged anymore. Now they're free to go after what they've always wanted: their hot former stepsister. Nights of captivating pleasure consume them. They can't imagine ever letting her go. They don't give a damn what the rest of the world thinks. Ashley and the Thomas boys are a wicked match made in paradise. But when Ashley's life is in danger, they could lose her for good. As if that son of a b*tch stands a chance against three former Navy SEAL's when they're protecting the woman they love.

    $2.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Aug 18(Price may have changed)

    Category: Holidays

  • Because I Love You by Amy Brent

    Two years ago, he took my innocence and ran, Luckily for me, he's a slow runner. He doesn't know that he gave me the most beautiful gift in the world - my son. I'm going to give him a gift too - revenge! And if he's thinking he can get me and my son...

    $3.99 FREE!
    Deal available through Aug 17(Price may have changed)

    Category: Contemporary

  • Mine (An Older Man Younger Woman Romance Collection) by Lauren Milson

    Four insanely steamy, over-the-top insta-love novellas. Possessive, protective heroes who will do anything for their woman. Heroines who fall head-over-heels for the man they've been waiting for. Candy sweet, scorching hot, heart-melting HEAs. This box set includes: Skin A massage therapist is in way over her head until a billionaire club owner rescues her from certain ruin. Now that he's claimed her, he will stop at nothing to save her from the dangers lurking just behind them. Be Mine A contract for one fake date. A love that is long overdue. A combustible story about two people who were never supposed to be together, but couldn't stay apart. Private Client A chance meeting between a billionaire banker and a woman with her first real office job leads to explosive chemistry - has he finally found the one thing missing in his life? Mountain Man's Valentine A tech entrepreneur seeks solace in the mountains after a personal tragedy tore his life apart. But when he rescues a woman in peril on his property - a woman he has been captivated by for a year - they both discover that he will do anything to protect her.

    $3.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Aug 25

    Category: Romantic Erotica

  • Heat (Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 1) by Ophelia Sexton

    A bear shifter firefighter determined to win his fated mate. A curvy pastry chef on the run from her abusive ex. Add enough heat to start a fire!

    $3.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Aug 31

    Category: Paranormal

  • Train Me Daddy by Mia Ford

    June I've never been in love, but when I see him, I think this could be real. The only thing… He's not just a single dad, he's the father of one of my students. He's rich, gorgeous, and charming. What would he want with a naïve little girl like me? All I know is that I've never been this turned on in my life. **My body is begging for more. ** But somehow I know that playing with fire is only going to get me burned. Thomas After my divorce, I swore off women. That is until I saw her. Petite, pale, with masses of black hair and intense eyes. I know I have to have her. Her sweet body is begging for me to dominate her, to make her mine. The problem? **I think I might be falling into more than just lust. **

    $4.99 $2.99
    Deal available through Aug 20

    Category: Contemporary

  • Accidentally His by Piper Sullivan

    When a successful woman returns to her hometown, will it be small town romance or a family disaster? I left this town because it was too small. It was stifling. I was in love with my best friend, but he was not in love with me. He was popular. I was not. I was the smart girl, and he was the athletic boy. He had everything he wanted. And I wanted him. I left because I thought he didn’t want me. But now I’m back. And I own my own company. And I’m working with his daughter at school. And I am beginning to think he has changed his mind. I was in love with her. I didn’t tell her because I never thought she would like me back. She was going places. I got hurt and couldn’t finish my last season of football. I was in love with her. But I wasn’t going to hold her back. And I never expected her to come home. Can Macy handle being around Brad again? Will Brad finally confess his love to her, or will he drop the ball?

    Deal available through Aug 17(Price may have changed)

    Category: Contemporary

  • In Too Deep by Mia Ford

    The baby that was supposed to bring us all together, has torn us all apart. She’s mine! I need to have her. But fate wants something else. Very soon she’ll belong to my elder brother. It’s my brother’s wedding and she is the maid of honor. She stands across at the altar, And I just can’t keep my eyes away. Our attraction is mutual, A magnetic force pulling us together. Both of us know it’s forbidden, But keeping our fling a secret wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it? That’s just what we thought, Until… The tragedy strikes, And our whole world is shattered. Tomorrow is the day when she’s agreed to get married to my brother. She says we need to give up, distance ourselves – that it won’t work out! But I am already in too deep. How can I give up so easily?

    $2.99 $0.99
    Deal available through Aug 23

    Category: Contemporary

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