You Will Find Love: A visual poem of comfort

by Cornelius Cornelius
Are you recovering from a divorce or break-up?Does the dating scene keep letting you down?Do you find yourself in a lonely place and worry that it will not get better?It will. You will find love. Here’s why …You were created to love and be loved. We were all created to love and be loved.We all go through times of despair, but we will all eventually find love – it is in our nature and it is our destiny.You are someone who can love and be loved. As long as you continue to interact in society, love will come to you.If you are alone and in despair, you need to hear this.If you have a dear friend who is suffering, she needs to hear this.That is the message of You Will Find Love – a simple, short lyrical poem, beautifully illustrated, by digital artist and poet Cornelius Cornelius, about one powerful and enduring truth:For every man and woman alive, there is love.If you are going through a dry spell or suffering from loneliness;If you have been thrown into doubt and despair and believe you will never find love again;If you are recovering from a break up or a divorce and have come to doubt the power and beauty of love …this book will give you hope.You will find comfort and reassurance in this illustrated poem about the inevitability of love because …it is simple, beautiful and powerful; it celebrates the power of love; it reassures you that love must come eventually; it gives hope and courage to be patience in a time of waiting; it is true.The printed edition features a first blank page appropriate for a note of friendship or dedication.Get it now!
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