You. Forever.

by Emma Wagner
She dreams of having a family, but her marriage is in trouble. A chance encounter with her childhood love brings back a flood of emotions. Did she make the wrong choice? Could this be her lost love?Anna is a talented artist married to Oliver. For years, they have been hoping for a child, but their dream of starting a family remains unfulfilled.Oliver is the quiet and reserved type, the heir to his family's fortune. Now, more than ever, he needs to push back against his family's belief that Anna was never the right choice for him.The death of a former art teacher and friend takes Anna back to the place where she spent her childhood. There, she reencounters her childhood sweetheart, Marc. With his fiery brown eyes and tremendous desire for adventure, he cannot be more different than Oliver.With buried feelings and a dark secret that she shares with Marc resurfacing, Anna has to face her past. Did she make the right decision at the time? For whom does her heart beat today?You. Forever. is a deeply moving story of trust, betrayal, and forgiveness, of friendship and enmity, of destroyed hopes and new dreams – and the struggle for true love.Where there is love, there is also hope. But how much can true love forgive?
Deal Available through June 20, 2021
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