Science Fiction

Years, Later: A bittersweet, ethereal and beautiful college romance short novel

by Daphne Lance
They had both been in the same place, yet had not met. Was fate trying to say something? Lynn who sat on her rooftop, looked out into the sea, prayed.She prayed that in another lifetime, or in a parallel universe, she and Barton would meet once more, and in that lifetime, they would end up together and live their lives together as one.Fate had stolen away so many chances between them in this lifetime, despite letting them meet again as adults. Surely fate must take pity on the star-crossed lovers and grant them a happily ever after ending, in their next lifetime?The red string had always got Lynn Anderson and Barton Torres in it’s grasp, but the grip around each was never tight. It tightened when they were in college, but the two, in their youths along with a hand from fate, were never destined for one another.They knew in their hearts that they were and their souls could feel the connection that would never be replicated with another.Yet, fate kept them apart.And apart now they remained. Each found happiness in their own way, and had become their own anchor in their lives.The is the timeless story of romance and innocence, of Lynn and Barton.
Deal Available through January 06, 2021
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