With a Motive: The Dark Side of Deception

by Niraj Sharma
In the mirror, the twins look identical. But one hides a deadly secret…Meet Charles and Monty Oliver… Identical twin brothers separated at birth, and raised by different families. While Monty is spoiled by a life of wealth and splendor, Charles and his mother must fight against poverty, and struggle just to make ends meet.Now, their father has decided that it’s time for the boys to reunite. But when Monty goes to surprise Charles at his modest home, he spies Charles’ wife Mary, and soon discovers that his brother has left town on a business trip. Leaving Mary all alone in the house…Following the dark urges of his twisted psyche, Monty knocks on the door and pretends to be his twin. With no knowledge of the brothers’ past, Mary assumes her husband’s trip has been canceled. But little by little, she begins to realize that something is terribly wrong.Monty’s life of privilege drives him to possess whatever he wants. And now his predatory gaze is set on his brother’s wife. But while they may look identical, Monty and Charles are nothing alike beneath the skin.Will Mary realize she is trapped with her husband’s evil twin, before it's too late?
Deal Available through November 20, 2020
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