Winning You Over: A Small Town, Brother's Best Friend Romance

by Vesper Young
No matter how hard I try to push my brother’s best friend away from me, he keeps coming back.Noah is always trying to take care of me, especially now that my brother isn’t around. He calls it friendship, I call it pity, but either way we’re at a standstill.You could say things haven’t been going great for me lately. Noah’s got it in his head that he’s gonna be the one fix everything for me.But I can handle myself. I don’t need any help.Even if that “help” is six-two, with ocean blue eyes that make my want to dream and full lips I want to taste.Nope. Not happening. Noah Kent is 100% off the table, no matter what he tries to tell me. My heart is locked up, the key tossed somewhere into the Pacific Ocean.And nothing he—or my body—says is going to change my mind.
Deal Available through November 12, 2021
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