Wilde's Women #1 The River Queen

by A.M. Van Dorn
SIX CHILDREN…FIVE RACES...ONE MAN’S EPIC TALE OF TRIUMPH & TRAGEDYIn a saga ranging far and wide from the lush Hudson River Valley to the shadowy recesses of the Antebellum South, as well as the distant shores of an uncharted and hostile desert isle off the coast of China and just about anywhere in between, all roads for the resourceful, adventurous and heroic William Henry “Whip” Wilde will ultimately lead to one place…the mighty Cedar Ledge Ranch and the formation of Arizona’s most unique and formidable family…The Wildes of the West!This is his story.Enter Kelly Wilde, Whip’s vivacious and sexy first wife, the woman he was supposed to love for all time. Snatching Cassandra and Dutch’s future mother literally from the brink of doom, so begins a relationship that will be defined by death and danger, all centering around Kelly’s mastery of an old riverboat ferrying an explosive secret worth killing for.When a deadly plot is hatched against the steamboat, Whip and his river queen find themselves fighting to survive, squaring off against the lethal forces of a band of treasure hunting criminals and if the Wildes fail to win the day, a fiery death will claim every last life aboard the S.S. Hudson Belle!
Deal Available through January 10, 2023
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