Wild Bites: A Vampire & Shifter Romance Collection Kindle Edition

by Lisa Daniels, Mia Taylor
He’s the sexiest janitor who ever saved my life. Everyone wants what he’s fixing to break.But I don’t have time for that.I’m overworked and underpaid with a sick roommate and a death wish, it seems.Marc is as broke as me and clearly running from problems of his own. It’s not like he’s a prince who’s going to sweep me away from all my problems…Or is he?What would royalty be doing in El Cajon, California anyway? Even if what they say is true, Marc has no business with me.What could I possibly offer to someone like him, someone who has everything?Unless it’s my elusive bloodline he’s after…This Compilation Includes: The Vampire Prince Imposter Vampire Reality Show The Vampire Viscount The Vampire Philanthropist Ryker's Mate Stolen Shift Peter's Mate Ian-Night Wolves Summer Camp Magic Class Seduced by Bear E.M.T.
Deal Available through February 23, 2024
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