When Love Sparks: A Small Town Single Dad Paranormal Romance

by Chelsea Harmon
Small town witch.That’s what they’ve called me for as long as I can remember. But I promise, there’s nothing spooky about me.I just own a small herb shop, where my teas, essential oils, and bath salts can cure any ailment, just like magic.Despite my paranormal reputation, my life was pretty ordinary until Liam Roeper—successful lawyer, devoted single dad, and the most eligible bachelor in town—showed up at my shop. Maybe I really am a witch if I managed to conjure up a romance with him.And, just like that, sparks are flying, and forever is on the horizon. That is, until ghosts from the past threaten our happily ever after.With every passionate kiss, I’m falling deeper under his spell. But when midnight strikes, will love truly conquer all, or will the magic fade to dust?This is a short and steamy small town romantic comedy with just a touch of the paranormal. You’ll be swept away by a world of magical encounters, tantalizing love scenes, side splitting humor, and an enchanting happily ever after.
Deal Available through June 08, 2021
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