Vengeful Devotion

by Morgan Elliott
Gemma I had a plan. I needed to stick to that plan. It’s what you do when you’re on the run, hiding from the ones who want to see you dead. Getting involved with Declan McBride, aka the King of Vegas, isn’t part of that plan. It would be my luck to run from one monster straight into the arms of another. Just because he looks like a god, it doesn’t make him any less of a villain. Right?Declan Blood, my hands and soul are stained with it. I don’t recall a time they weren’t. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been training to take over the family business. Planning for every worst-case scenario. Always. No amount of training could have prepared me for her. Gemma De Luca, the girl with the haunted stare and a body sinful enough to tempt a priest. She wants to run. I can see it in her eyes,
Deal Available through June 27, 2024
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