Vangaar: Love & Seduction On Other Worlds: A Science Fiction | Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance Short Story Novella For Mature Adults

by S. L. Darian
The Planet: Orin. Star Date: 9812.5An imaginary race of beings called the Vangaars exists shrouded in myth and legend. Existing in the outer dimension, the Vangaar race is all too real. Having lost nearly all of their women, desperate times call for whatever measures are necessary—even if it means breaking Orin's law.The inner dimension Law of Orin: Abducting a Mistress of the Six Waters is punishable by death. But these super-charged men, cloaked from head-to-toe in xydon white, could care less about the Law of Orin–or any other law for that matter, as they heed only one desperate agenda: Their own...~The Intensity Neve Sleeps~This is a 2-part serialized-type story that ends in book 2. The author’s novellas are compact, intense, steam-provoking, and rough around the edges.
Deal Available through March 23, 2023
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