Unicorn's Freedom

by Sara Nebula
The last thing first year law student Ariella needs is a date.But Fate has plans for her dating life anyway... Ariella boards the Chicago elevated train where she finds herself transported to the magical land of Falusia -- a place where squirrels talk and travel through time, unicorn shifters roam the forests, and the evil wizard Jakarn searches for his Queen.As it turns out, Ariella is a unicorn shifter, but not only that - she's also a Queen! Which makes Jakarn very interested in her.Ariella must choose a mate soon or her entire unicorn blessing (a blessing is a group of unicorns) will die off as magic is drained from the land. But what if she doesn't have to choose just one? This queen has three hot guys after her...
Deal Available through January 27, 2021
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