Undesired: A Best Friend's Brother Romance (Small Town Protectors Book 5)

by Piper Sullivan
I should have known better. The quiet girl doesn’t get the hot, popular guy. Because my life isn’t a high school rom com.But I’ve had a crush on my best friend’s brother Will since we were teenagers. Will hadn’t noticed me then. Now, when I finally caught his eye, all hell broke loose. He rocked my world. He stole my heart. And tossed it away, unwanted. Undesired. Until I ended it.I should’ve stayed away from my sister’s best friend. What kind of man screwed around with the girl next door? The kind who found her innocence sexy, her sassy mouth alluring. What kind of man kept coming back when she told him not to? The kind who couldn’t get enough of her throaty laugh and sensual cries. What kind of man didn’t walk away when he wasn’t what she needed? The worst kind. I’m that man. Too selfish to let her go. And just desperate enough to do anything to get her to stay.
Deal Available through January 31, 2021
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