Under Covers

by Denise Daye
It was just another undercover mission when Noah Carter started investigating Andrei Kowitsch, one of the most high-profile criminals in the nation. Taking him down would finally get that desperately needed funding for his deteriorating station. Befriending Mila Kowtisch was meant to be his ticket to her brother — nothing more, nothing less.But he never expected her to be so beautiful and kind. Her stunning smile brings out a protective instinct in him he never realized he had. She doesn't belong in her brother's criminal underworld. But a sweet girl like her also doesn't belong in his.He has to resist her, say no to his sinful thoughts. But those pretty blue eyes want him to play with fire, begging him to cross the line. And Noah's never been one to say no to a challenge...
Deal Available through January 11, 2022
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