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Unbroken Vow

by Bree M. Lewandowski
"He pledged his sword to her. She struggled not to surrender her heart in return."The widow of his brother-in-arms, neither of them were prepared to fall in love. Marrying a Paladin is forbidden, but Ada followed her heart, not knowing forbidden meant more than a jail sentence.Upon Markus' death, Glaive gives his word to protect Ada. Hiding her away as a servant to the king was supposed to keep her safe. Until a man of power can't take "no" for an answer. As punishment, she's sent across an ocean to work for an illustrious crazed queen.A knight of Ardara, a Paladin of the highest rank, Glaive would die before he risks breaking the pledge he made and would give his life to save her.Marrying a Paladin is forbidden...Author Bree M. Lewandowski is back with her first standalone fantasy romance since The Paragon Trilogy. Get swept away with Unbroken Vow!
Deal Available through December 24, 2021
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