Twisted Tyrant

by Kristen Luciani
She's my enemy.
My obsession. For months, I watch every move she makes.
Every curve of her body.
Every breath that she takes.
She's gorgeous and innocent,
Until I take her captive. 

I know she isn't mine to keep, but every forbidden touch makes me crave her more.
For weeks, she torments me with her sinful body and venomous tongue, resisting her fate.
She quickly learns that her defiance has consequences.
And I expect to be obeyed...or else.

But my enemies have other plans for us.
When a deadly attack forces me to take over the Malikov Bratva as boss, I have a choice to make.

Marry the princess and keep my possession.
Or make my family whole and kill her.
Deal Available through September 09, 2022
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