Romantic Erotica

Twisted Therapist: Brother’s Best Friend Age Gap Romance (Dominant Desires Book 1)

by Mahi Mistry
He is her first love. She is his best friend's little sister. Will a chance reunion lead to true love?I was a good girl. An honor student. A dutiful daughter, sister and a sweet girlfriend to my boyfriend until I found him in my best friend’s bed. I didn’t want goody-two-shoe nice boys who gave me empty promises. What I wanted was a man who wouldn’t hurt me. When I found my brother’s best friend, Aiden Stone, with only a towel around his hot Greek body dripping wet from a shower, I decided that what I wanted, what I had been wanting for years, was him. The only problem? He is a decade older than me, my brother’s best friend, a therapist who wants to counsel me and... he likes to hurt little girls like me.
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