Trained by the Warrior

by Stella Rising
Rinae lives to support her family, but everything changes the night of her eighteenth birthday. A ruthless tyrant attempts to steal her innocence, only to be thwarted by an avenging warrior, Sir Cadyn. With his mission to assassinate the despot failed, Cadyn turns to protecting the beautiful, defiant Rinae. At first they only share a cause, but the call to fight back sparks their passion. Rinae can’t resist his dominance, while her need to be disciplined awakens his hunger for more than justice. Discovering a strength she never knew she possessed, Rinae will sacrifice everything to save her family and free her people. However, Cadyn’s commitment to Rinae overwhelms his thirst for vengeance. Forced to decide between happiness and victory, their love could save an entire world – or doom it.
Deal Available through October 18, 2020
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