Touch Me Softly (The Reawakening Series, Book 1)

by Kelly Violet
Wynter Simmons was haunted by flashbacks. A year since the incident and she’s still not herself. Just as afraid and ashamed as if it all happened yesterday. When her best friend drags her to a concert, she’s in for another rude awakening. This could either be the best thing to happen or the moment that breaks her for good. Then she met him.Rafael Tapiro was always drifting. Told for most of his life that he wasn’t good enough, he almost believed it. Now, as the new bassist for the up-and-coming band, Country Blue, things are finally looking up. Too bad he doesn’t have anyone to share it with. But a gig at a crowded club changes everything. It only takes one look, and he’s a goner. The music led him to her.Can they find exactly what they need in each other?
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