To Love A Jamyson: A Billionaire Brothers Box Set (Jamyson Brothers Madison Heights Book 4)

by Denean Dawson
PASSION FOR CHANGE A billionaire playboy wants to find lasting love.Jack Jamyson, a globetrotting playboy and absentee co-owner of the family business, finds himself questioning all of his life’s decisions after seeing his brother re-discover love with the woman he yearned for first.Jack grapples with his current image and lifestyle, his role in the family business, and wonders how truly happy he is. He realizes he wants to make significant changes to create a new version of himself – one he can be proud of and one that includes true love.How does a man, who is so focused on his own needs, learn what it takes to focus solely on someone else’s?CONFLICT OF INTERESTS A long-lost first love unexpectedly reappears at a billionaire’s office with a stunning business proposal he never contemplated and, with it, a second chance at love he’d only dreamt about.JakeA sculpted Greek God dropped into a business suit and extraordinarily successful owner of one of the largest accounting firms in the U.S. He’s currently basking in a life better than it’s ever been with a woman he truly loves. . .or does he?MelissaA steely-eyed stunner with perfect curves, an entrancing sexuality, and an ulterior motive, who captured Jake’s heart 15 years ago. Also, owner of one of the largest accounting firms in the UK and quite comfortable mixing business with pleasure.Jake’s life of tranquility is upended with Melissa’s return and compels him to question every decision made in the last 15 years of his life.Can Jake find true happiness in the arms of his current love and life, or is the lure of long-lost passion flooding to the surface paired with a unique and lucrative business opportunity too hard to pass up?LOVE, FINALLY A billionaire playboy’s search for love unexpectedly begins anew.Jack Jamyson believed he had found his one true love. The woman he wanted to marry and build a family with. Until she chose to prioritize her newfound business success, reject the notion of kids, and walk out the door on him and their relationship.When Amanda Hastings, strikingly gorgeous nurse and single mom whose sole focus was the happiness of her 5-year-old daughter, stopped off for a drink after losing a patient one day, she never expected to end up befriending Jack, lending a sympathetic and understanding ear to a guy with girlfriend troubles. A guy who happened to be the most charming, sexy, funny, and good-looking man she’d met in years. The perfect men were always taken!But maybe dreams do come true. Jack finds himself single again and friends become lovers. Everything seems perfect until Amanda wonders if it is finally time for the light of her life and Jack to meet – to see if the final piece of the puzzle fits.Will Amanda be able to overcome the pain of past emotional wounds inflicted by her ex-husband, when he found out he was going to be a father, in order to bring Jack into her daughter’s life and endure the unknowns that entails?And when the realization finally hits, will Jack be able to conquer the creeping doubts of being “the perfect dad” that Amanda so desperately wants for her daughter, or will it only push him away?
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