Tiger Enemies-to-Lovers 4 Book Shifter Box Set

by Scarlett Stone
Ten years ago, an order of witches known as the Coven of Blackwood went rogue and unleashed a curse on the towns of Morgville, Circene, Grimdale, and Hecand, leaving death and destruction in their wake.All four towns would have been wiped out of existence, had the tiger clans not stopped the witches.Much time has passed since tragedy struck, but the horrors remain fresh in memory.The towns have lived in peace and security, all because of the efforts of the tigers.But the threat is not over.Not by a long shot.And now the tigers must rise again.Because they are the only thing standing between the towns and utter annihilation …THIS BOX SET INCLUDES: Tiger Enemy's Dirty Secret Tiger Enemy Rejected Tiger Enemy Taboo Tiger Enemy SeducedAuthor's Note: These are steamy stand alone romances intended for 18+
Deal Available through October 19, 2022
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