Ticket to Ride

by Sara Hazel
Curvy beauty Samantha Harper needs protection, and she's gonna find it with the strong men of the Blood Moon Riders motorcycle club.There's calm and steady Edge. The hot headed, but passionate Shadow. And brave, sweet Valiant.All three of them want Samantha, and she wants all three of them too!This is the complete novel that was originally published as the Blood Moon Riders Serial episodes 1-4.Come along for the ride with Samantha and the Blood Moon Riders. Samantha finds herself the object of affection for three hot Blood Moon Riders, and at the end of it all, she'll have to choose between them, or maybe take her Aunt Tessa's advice and accept a Ticket to Ride with more than one man obsessed with her brains, sass, and curves.Sometimes it's more fun not to choose!
Deal Available through March 21, 2021
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