Three Two Compared A Romance Novel

by Esther Jackson
Rosalita Macaloanez, Brandon Bright, and Gordon Gem are professional business people who feel as if all three are strong enough to overcome their struggles in life. However, all three cannot see that, just like anybody else, they too can be loved. Rosalita, Brandon, and Gordon destroy each other in a tangled web of lies, deceit, and romance. This terrible triangle ruins lives and pits power against money. Could this interfere with their careers while pandering to lustful rage? Rosalita knows that love triangles don't end well. However, Rosalita continues to deceive Brandon and Gordon. As Rosalita deals with the daily vortex of her job, family life, and personal relationships, she struggles to find answers for her love or lust for each man.
Deal Available through November 14, 2020
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