This Is Fate: A Billionaire Romance

by Zee Irwin
★Maddie McComber★ My rule was firm: I did not, under any circumstances, sleep with the regulars. I worked my you know what off, and the rule served me well to start, until fate put someone in my path who attracted me like a magnet. It was only a matter of time until this happened, when a man charmed me and possessed a magnetic field that was unavoidable. ★Daniel Jones★ I didn't do relationships thanks to plenty of experience I had with the painful side of love. The way my dad cheated on Ma and the way my ex cheated on me were all reminders of why I couldn’t pursue the gorgeous woman behind the bar. When trouble struck at the pub and Maddie needed someone, I was there for her. I couldn’t ignore how she looked at me like I was her savior—and how much I lived for that. It complicated
Deal Available through August 09, 2021
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