The Writer's Vendetta

by Halle Rae
All I need to do is make it eight days. Eight days on the beach in Virginia with my brother's charmingly handsome best friend. It should be easy, but our past would prove otherwise. He hurt me, and I'm not sure that wound has healed. Then, there's the chance of my career tanking if I don't find a story to write about. So, this could end in complete disaster. Old feelings rise to the surface and I can't seem to stay away from the one man I can't have. Will I leave Virginia Beach alone, or with a gorgeous companion by my side? The Writer's Vendetta is a steamy stand-alone romance about a Los Angeles writer and a New York City finance manager who may just get a second chance at love, brought to you by up and coming author Halle Rae.
Deal Available through September 16, 2021
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