The Wizard Gods’ Challenge (Iman’s Journal Book 3)

by Emily Flowers
Iman has gone too far with her magic, and now even the wizard gods are infuriated!It's Christmas time but Iman is in no mood for celebration. Failing to respect the wizard rules plus playing around with magic all for the sake of love has caught her in a web of trouble with the wizard gods. She is made to face a challenge without using magic, a challenge which is aggravated with agony as she needs to win back Troy, whose heart is already set on another woman, an extremely strong rival, before the New Year begins.The battle of love spirals between both ladies and should Iman not achieve her goal of getting Troy to love her again, she will be banished to a world of nothingness.The clock is ticking and Iman is disappearing ...Iman's Journal is a 5 book series.
Deal Available through September 27, 2020
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