The Witch and the Wolf (Viking Mates Book 1)

by Juniper Hart
This wasn't supposed to happen.Hidden Cove is the perfect place to hide and allow the world to forget me. It’s just better that way. Nobody could ever relate to my dark secret. I’m different than other women. Actually, I am different from everybody I’ve ever met.Everything changed when I met Erik. The broken pieces of my life are starting to make sense. But nothing lasts forever, right?Erik’s mysterious history upon a Viking longship is about to catch up with him. We’re going to need a special kind of magic to save us from an ancient Berserker bear shifter with a score to settle. It’s up to me to ensure that magic doesn’t fail like it always does.Can true love really exist? Or, will everything be shattered beyond repair?
Deal Available through October 02, 2020
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