The Wild Side

by Cassie-Ann L Miller
That marriage pact I made with my grumpy, off-limits best friend. That was totally a joke...Right?It was a heat-of-the-moment agreement scribbled onto the back of a crinkled gas station receipt nine years ago. "If neither of us are married by age 30, we'll marry each other."Haha! So funny!Cash moved to a city 500 miles away. Building his billion-dollar empire. Making a name for himself. Me? I stayed in our gossipy hometown. Working a simple job. Living a simple life. And we never discussed the marriage pact again.But I just turned the big three-oh. And Cash showed up at my door, in the middle of a freaking rainstorm. Tall, muscled and soaking wet. With a birthday cake in his hand and a daring smirk that says he means business.Holy plot twist! Didn't see that coming!
Deal Available through May 31, 2022
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