The Seahorse Cottage (Cape May Series Book 1)

by Coral Harper
The Wellington family is ready for another sun-kissed summer at their treasured beachside cottage. That is until the family's world is turned upside down following the unexpected death of the father, Benjamin. Things seem to go from bad to worse for his widow, Bethany, and her three young children when they find out that their beloved second home no longer belongs to them.The Seahorse Cottage, located on the beautiful shores of Cape May, had been in the Wellington family for generations. But unknown to Bethany, her late husband had lost the cottage as a result of his secret life and the cottage is put up for sheriff sale after his sudden passing.In a surprising turn of events, The Seahorse Cottage is purchased by the Wellington’s estranged neighbor, who seemingly knew about Benjamin’s secret life. This would only be the beginning of the journey for the Wellington's.The family is left to mourn Benjamin’s tragic passing, and only later do they come to truly understand the lasting consequences of his secret life. Through it all, the Wellington’s grow closer than ever, ready for whatever troubles come their way.The Seahorse Cottage is a touching feel-good beach novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat and fill your heart with warmth and love.
Deal Available through October 22, 2020
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