The Right Curves: The Prequel To Big Girls Love Bad Boys Series

by Summer Rose
I’m damaged, and he’s perfect . . . what could go wrong?AmandaI’ve been going through the ringer lately and just when I finally think I might have a break, life throws another curveball at me. My house gets broken into, and I do what any frantic woman would, I call the police.The problem? The officers they sent are drop dead gorgeous, especially Michael. The intruder was taken into custody, and now I find myself thinking about the man who came in and saved the day—quite literally.But I’m not a normal woman. I’m damaged. I’ve been through things that nightmares are made of at the hands of my ex, and I barely escaped his evil clutches.Just when I’m shaking thoughts of Michael out of my head I get into a car accident, and with my luck, he happens to be one of the first responders on the scene.At this point, I can’t deny life’s throwing us together for a reason, but my past haunts me in ways I still have a hard time dealing with. I want to give this a shot, I’m only afraid I’ll end up pushing this perfect hero away in the process.
Deal Available through March 31, 2021
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