The Reporter's UNLIKELY Reunion

by MaryAnn Clarke
He’s sweet, caring and loyal. She’s independent, ambitious and brave.To Julian, home, family and friends are everything. They’re all he’s got. Ruby’s heart is big enough to encompass the whole world. But she’s all alone.♥JulianRuby was my universe. She was all I ever wanted. Then she left me in the dark the summer after grad with a shattered heart, all my dreams dead.RubyTen years ago, I buried the lede when I betrayed the love of my life and abandoned him to pursue my journalism career. Few people know what happened, and Julian isn’t one of them.Can their ten year high school reunion give these star-crossed lovers the ingredients to re-write their story?Start reading the brand new MOST UNLIKELY TO series of contemporary romances by a USA Today Best-selling author.
Deal Available through September 30, 2022
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