Romantic Erotica

The Red Side of Dr. Greene

by D.G. Collins
"An apple a day, keeps the doctor away..."But what if the doctor wants to eat my "apple"?I hate hospitals, and doctors, really.But then I thought I was going to die after six months because I concluded that I have ovarian cancer.So my persistent mom booked me an appointment with a female gynecologist without my knowledge.But it seemed like fate had decided to play with me.When I entered the examination room, I never thought that I would see those sexy green eyes that made me really wet that night…That grumpy jerk who almost hit me with his car!So I found out that his name is actually Dr. Alexander Greene, the hottest gynecologist in town. He's the most gorgeous man I have ever seen; sexy, mysterious, but a little bit indifferent.The most awkward thing was, he freaking saw my private parts, and essentially took my virginity using his fingers and stupid metal duck bill.I thought it would be the second and the last time that I'll be able to see him, as I don't have any plans of seeing him again...But I was wrong.Seeing him at school wearing his rugged jeans and shirt was the last thing that I have ever expected.From that then on, I knew my boring and innocent life will never be the same…
Deal Available through October 06, 2020
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