The Quest For Salerno: The Beauty Of Secrets & Lies

by Faith Isabel Bloom
Through a journal, a series of letters and old photos, all meticulously kept by Lily during World War Two, Sophia discovers that her aunt was in love with an Italian man, Luigi Leoni, from whom she was separated due to the conflict.As the letters and journal grow in intensity and her frustration mounts at being kept from the man she loves through a series of misfortunes, Sophia sees Lily’s chances of happiness gradually slip away until she is left with nothing.Now, decades on, Sophia makes the decision to travel to Salerno in a bid to unravel a family secret that has remained hidden for many years and finally allow the ashes of a much-loved aunt to return to the place she cherished the most.But with a bullying...
Deal Available through March 17, 2022
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