The Problem with Dating Sebastian Riggs

by Amy Oliveira
THE MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR, TWELVE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, AND A MANSION FULL OF CAMERAS. Love Makeover has been a reality TV household name for the past twelve years. Callie is going for a promotion and she needs to prove herself this season. But things get complicated when the new Eligible, Sebastian Riggs, starts going off script. Charming, sarcastic, and with a smile powerful enough to weaken the knees, Sebastian is perfect for Love Makeover. The only problem is he doesn’t seem very interested in the twelve hopeful women competing for his heart. All his attention is on the little field producer with an attitude problem. Callie. It doesn’t matter how hard to resist it is, he’s just part of the job. Sebastian is going for what he wants. And all he wants is Callie Sosa.
Deal Available through June 28, 2022
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