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The Private Beach House (Harness Creek Series Book 1)

by Evelyn Love
Family traditions, old flames, and deceit...Thirty-two-year-old Winona Jamieson painted a perfect picture of happiness, tucked on her private beach in Harness Creek, Baltimore. She let go of all she had ever known in Montana to build a life on the fast-paced East Coast and succeeded. But life had other plans.A political campaign draws her husband away from home more than usual. It sets off a series of questioning that led to thoughts better left unearthed, putting her husband in the limelight of doubt. Needing nothing to shake her world, she gave him the benefit of the doubt. However, the mysterious disappearance of her son leads her down of path of friendship, betrayal, and family secrets.Will Winona accept the hand she was given and cover a multitude of sins with love? Will She decide for the first time her own path and actions?
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