The Playoffs: A Sports Romance (Ballers & Curves Book 3)

by Summer Rose
Shifting alliances. New and secret lovers. The playoffs begin…As a breakthrough athlete, Joshua quickly became a fan favorite. But fans don’t know about everything that goes on behind the scenes… Sometimes, Joshua himself isn’t sure what’s going on.Now that the baseball draft is complete, new alliances are forming both on and off the field. Will Joshua manage to find his way through the ever-shifting baseball loyalties? Sometimes it's difficult to tell who is on the same side.Creating an alliance doesn't mean you're on the same team… Joshua will learn this the hard way.As if that’s not enough, the emotional rollercoaster never stops.Relationships are in transition. While some are ready to make a change, others aren't ready to let go just yet.How far will Renee go to spite the one she used to love? Will she team up with others, or is she in this for herself?Joshua will also realize that playing on the home team has its unpredictable disadvantages, especially if you’re trying to keep a budding relationship a secret from the coach.Will he and Gabriella manage to stay in line and protect their love? Or will they have to bend under the pressure of playoffs?When it comes to making major life decisions, will they seek advice from others?How will they know which path to choose?And what happens when the ones offering advice have their own agenda?If you’ve been following the BALLERS & CURVES series, brace for some major surprises in the Book 3. Some things will finally become clear, while others get even more complicated…And if you haven’t already, go grab the first in the series to start your baseball journey!One thing is certain—reading BALLERS & CURVES will always leave you wanting more action…
Deal Available through September 20, 2020
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