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The Perfect Fix

by Miley Maine
They say you should love thy neighbor. But I know that my neighbor hates me. I also know that she’s impossible to resist. Aisha is raising an adorable little boy by herself. I knew that she was mine the second I laid my eyes on her. I knew that my world had changed in an instant. The only hiccup? Aisha’s attitude. Something’s going on with her. She’s… mean. Her heart is closed off. But I can deal with her sassiness, her attitude. I’ll find a way to tame her, and I’ll stop at nothing to make her mine. Aisha’s a broken girl with a painful past. Her scars are mine and so is her heart. It might take a Christmas scandal for her secrets to come to light but I’m ready… I’m ready to have a real shot at love with the hot single mother next door!
Deal Available through December 26, 2020
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