The One and Only

by Ajme Williams
I’ve been mad at myself for years. For breaking her heart. And then for breaking my own.It’s way worse now because I don’t just miss her… I’m getting married to somebody else.My fiancée was cherry picked for me. The sole purpose of our sham marriage is to save the political career of my father. It’s all good to go. The wedding is happening. And my wedding planner? Laura… the same woman that I’ve been desperately trying to forget.When I saw her again, we stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity. She remembers what it was like together. I do too.I can’t put up with this insanity… I need to call off this wedding even if everything is at stake.And then I need to fix things. Handle Laura’s little secret that would destroy my father’s campaign to the
Deal Available through March 06, 2021
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