The Nurse's Dilemma: A Lesbian Medical Romance Story (Heart The Nurse Book 1)

by R.M. Danney
Busy hospital corridors and medical research labs might seem like an unlikely place to find romance, but sparks are flying for two passionate Boston nurses. New nurse Alice Ridgely is excited to be finally following the career of her dreams. When she begins work in the research labs at the Marshall Bower Hospital in Boston, she quickly falls in love with the hospital environment.Engaged to marry George Desain, her wealthy childhood sweetheart, Alice isn’t prepared to be falling in love with anything: once she’s married, her nursing career will be over, and she will be destined to slip into her future as a traditional housewife.But falling in love with nursing is the least of Alice’s problems… caring about her patients is one thing; the last thing she expected was to find love in the labs.Jenna Perkins is confident, beautiful, and commands presence in every room she enters. But despite her energy, on the inside, she’s less secure than she seems.Alice and Jenna spark an instant connection, and for the first time in her life, Alice feels like she belongs somewhere.Jenna’s used to having anyone she wants, but rarely has she felt a connection this deep. There’s a problem though. Alice is keeping something from her, and until she can get to the bottom of it, she can’t see what their future will look like.As Alice finds more and more happiness in her everyday life at the hospital, the dark shadow of her future looms ever closer. Jenna symbolizes everything she wants and can never have.Can Alice admit her true feelings for Jenna? Will Jenna find out what’s really going on beneath Alice’s rosy cheeks and kind smile?The Nurse’s Dilemma is a passionate story of love and identity. Alice and Jenna have something special, but it takes openness, honesty, and courage to follow your heart.Lose yourself in desire with Alice and Jenna: scroll up, and click “Add to Cart” right now. Sometimes, passion is too great to ignore.
Deal Available through November 30, 2020
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