The Necromancer's Dragon

by Amy B. Nixon
Can a dragon melt the Ice Queen's frozen heart?Aurora Nordstrøm has the privileges, the looks and the attitude to go with them. Problem is, her necromantic family’s dreaded name doesn’t make her love life easy. Neither does her reputation of an Ice Queen.Haunted by her past, Aurora heads home to the Lofoten Islands in Norway, but her plan for a quiet family holiday turns into a tangled mess when she wakes up next to a dragon shifter. An infuriating shifter who's fated by The Norns to become her soulmate.Despite the Norse Fates' plan, Aurora is unwilling to succumb to destiny. But the equally unyielding Carl Drahmann is hell-bent on keeping his mate at all costs. Can he melt her heart? Or is the arctic frostbite impervious even to draconic fire?
Deal Available through September 12, 2021
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