Clean & Wholesome

The Movie Star Rescue

by Jenna Brandt
Master Sergeant James Franklin, and his K9 partner, Siku, are the most decorated mountain rescue officers of all time, but after their last rescue went terribly wrong, their DCSR commander insists they need to take a break. James retreats with Siku to his cabin on Clear Mountain.Nicole West is the #1 box office sweetheart in America. She’s known for her laugh-out-loud romantic comedies, but when she’s offered the dramatic role of a lifetime, she decides she wants to show everyone she can do more than make people laugh. When production gets shut down due to harsh weather conditions, everyone makes it out but Nicole and her team. She’s not sure what they are going to do until they see a light in a remote cabin. The problem—a mountain rescue cop owns it and doesn't want to share.
Deal Available through September 25, 2020
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