Contemporary Romance

The Lumberjack's Quirky Girl

by Haley Travis
I probably shouldn’t have ogled Braden Oakley's big axe. Oops.The four Oakley brothers coming back to town is something no one expected. But the biggest shock of all is Braden Oakley—all six-foot-four of pure sex—asking me out three whole minutes after we meet.Tall as a redwood and built like a moose, the devastatingly gorgeous lumberjack should have nothing in common with little miss artsy-pants—aka, me. Especially when his close-knit family likely expects him to date a certain type of girl—namely, the opposite of yours truly.So how come the harder I try to stay away, the more I end up wrapped up in his muscled arms begging for more of his hard…wood?Everyone talks about trees falling in the forest with no one around to hear them. But what about my heart?
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