The Love Words

by Amy Alves
Chloe Caldwell was my nemesis. Or maybe I was hers. After eight years, she still hates me. She doesn't see that I'm not the same punk kid I used to be. I have a life to build and a daughter to raise. She's moved back home, and to everyone else in our small town, she's the same sweet girl. I get a very different Chloe—one hellbent on vengeance. She doesn't realize I've come to crave the angry jabs and salty attitude. But when our animosity starts affecting my daughter, a truce is formed. Hot, needy glances slowly replace her scathing glares. And even if everything inside me is aching to explore her, possess her—I can't. Because I know she would want it all. She'd want all things I've never given any woman before her. She'd want all my love words.
Deal Available through October 08, 2021
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