The Knight's Falconess

by Catherine E. Chapman
The South-West of England in the late Fourteenth Century. Zelda, daughter of a falconer in the service of Sir Hugh, suspects that the lord of the manor is attracted to her. At home, she is being pressed to accept the attentions of Matthew, an apprentice mason. When Zelda’s ill-judged scheme to seduce Hugh goes disastrously wrong, she fears herself out of favor. But the incident leaves Hugh with the burgeoning sense that he has an alternative to his loveless engagement to the refined Lady Rosalind. He pursues his falconer’s daughter, not foreseeing the consequences of his actions. Their dalliance becomes complicated by Zelda’s realization that she is expecting Hugh’s child. And the involvement of Hugh’s son, Arthur, muddles matters further. Will Zelda ever truly possess her Knight?
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