The Girl Who Sleeps in the Moon: Book 1

by Acacia Warmerdam
Emilia isn't a normal girl by any means. She often has mysterious things happen to her to the point of her believing she is a witch. When people start to get hurt, she feels desperate to find any answers to what is happening and how to control these things inside her. She feels helpless and trapped, and all she wanted was to get the love she always longed for from her best friend. It seemed as though the fates had bigger plans for her when Emilia found a book that she thought would give her answers. Instead, it only gave her more questions causing her to want to stay inside the book and just learn all she can.The book takes Emilia into the past showing her many different love stories that all lead to her gaining more control and more power after all she has learned.This book is a medium romance fantasy based in the 1950s and often feels like a historical romance. The story shifts through the ages and ethnicities, showing massive world-building and how this world came to no longer know what magic is.
Deal Available through December 14, 2021
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