The Games We Play

by Brooke Olsen
I shouldn’t be here. I can’t be seen.Especially by him…Stone. Even his name is a threat.He wants to hurt me, but I’m not like his other playthings.He wants to break me, but I’m not here to be broken.He wants to own me, but worse men have tried.Now it’s my turn to play.I want to see Stone crumble.Sneaking my way into college took everything I had and now he wants to take it all away.I had everything planned out. I knew how to blend in.But his eyes found me. And worse... I can’t look away.'The Games We Play' is an enemies to lover sports college romance with an anti-hero and a heroine who at times can be a bit of an anti-heroine herself! The Games We Play is a short 10k word prequel to a standalone book ‘The Lying Game’.
Deal Available through October 29, 2021
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