Contemporary Romance

The Frog Prince

by Zoe Adams
The key to forever love!How do you keep the thing that your man wants the most just far enough out of reach, until he's on his knees and ready to give you the world?Jules, Friday, Romy, Maya and Danielle attend an old college friend's wedding – she was the 'ugly duckling' who grew into a swan and is now marrying rich and famous frog prince. They all find time out of their busy working lives to attend the wedding reception, bringing them together for the first time in a few years. They catch up on each other's love lives – non-existent and non-thriving – and wonder how their friend Eloise found the love of her life? What was the secret? What's the key to unlocking forever love?Eloise tells them she found it cleaning her great-aunt’s apartment after she passed away.Eloise had it all
Deal Available through November 28, 2022
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