The Fox Demon's Kiss

by Keri Moore
Often times, the best way to move on is to move forward. At least that’s what Dana Jones thinks when she and her younger sister Nikki fly to Kyoto, Japan to fulfill their late mother’s wish. But as a young black college student in a new land, Dana’s skills are put to the test—and no amount of work can prepare her for what comes next. On the day of their arrival, a mysterious man warns Dana that she will meet a monster. She dismisses him, thinking he’s a superstitious old guy who gets a kick out of scaring foreigners. But everything changes when something attacks her at the Chihoshi Inn. Sorahiko, the inn’s co-owner and the handsomest man Dana has ever laid eyes on, saves her. He explains that the monster she encountered is a demon that belongs to a clan of demons with a sinister mission. They go after humans with a sacred heart—something Dana seems to have, and more valuable than she can fathom. To make matters worse, she’s their next target. Going back home to New York seems like the best course of action—only the demons have other plans. Sorahiko offers Dana his protection, but at a heavy price. Will Dana pay that price to save herself and her family, or will she risk it all by facing the ferocious beasts who will stop at nothing to devour her?
Deal Available through March 27, 2021
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